Bathtub #1 - Before
The green is where the repair work was done on the tub. It is sanded smooth and ready for the topcoating.
Bathtub #1 - After
The tub has a beautiful glossy smooth finish that can easily last a decade.
Bathtub #2 - Before
The tile and bathtub are outdated colors needing a new finish.
Bathtub #2 - Before
Grout is missing from between the tile and water is going behind the wall possibly causing unseen damage.
Bathtub #2 - After
The grout and caulking was replaced and a glossy new surface applied to the tile and bathtub. Water can no longer leak behind the tile.
Bathtub #2 - After
The tile and tub now have a modern, glossy finish that will be easy to keep clean. They saved thousands of dollars in repair and replacement.
Bathtub #3 - Before
This outdated standup shower had the bottom repaired and is now prepped for a new finish!
Bathtub #3 - After
The gloss is so good you can see the reflection of the floor on the side of the tub!
Bathtub #4 - Before
This tub had to have its old finish stripped off before the cleaning and prep work could begin.
Bathtub #4 - After
The beautiful finish with absolutely no excess material applied to the tile.
Bathtub #5 - Before
A lilac color tub clean and ready for the new finish.
Bathtub #5 - Before
A better angle of the same tub.
Bathtub #5 - After
The beautiful finished tub.
Bathtub #5 - After
Another angle of the reglazed tub.
Bathtub #6 - Before
Pink was once beautiful - alas, no more.
Bathtub #6 - Before
Everything taped off and well protected to apply the new finish.
Bathtub #6 - After
Beauty is skin deep and the gloss can last for a decade