We can renovate your old bathroom by replacing the old failing walls and floors. Tile failure in the bathroom is unhealthy and unsafe. What has happened is the wall or floor behind the tile has failed.  Generally, this type of failure in a shower appears where the wall and floor meet or where a tub touches the wall. The signs are tile buckling, grout popping out or the caulk turning black from mildew. If you tap the tile with your knuckles, they may rattle or feel loose.  Another type of failure is the shower pan.  If the shower pan is failing, the obvious sign is water stains below the shower. The failure leads to rotted wood and serious damage if not repaired quickly.

The solution to both of these is a new shower or walls installed by Encore Surfacing. We have the important items a home owner needs for peace of mind.

We won’t have the lowest price but we use the best material on the market. We have insurance, employees and a company to stand behind our work. We will respect your home and keep it dust and dirt free. We will not damage anything in the house. We will give you a schedule and stick to it. Except for the deposit, you pay only when the work is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tile and Bath Renovation