Frequently Asked Questions about Tile and Bath Renovation
Can I just replace the shower pan and a few rows of loose tile?
Yes, BUT rarely can the exact same tile be found.  Also, if the walls were constructed incorrectly, than replacing the bottom rows will only prolong the time your complete shower will get replaced - costing you more as the work will need to be done twice.
Why the Schluter System?
Quality backer board, the old industry standard, does work but is heavy and hard to install correctly. Also, moisture can pass through to the wall studs or floor joists allowing the wood to rot. Plain drywall gets wet and turns to mudwall and the tile wall fails, again.
How does the Schluter shower pan work?
In the past, weep holes were placed at the bottom of the drain to get rid of any water that did not flow down the top of the drain. The Schluter drain catches all the water at the top of the pan stopping any chance of shower failure.