In home bathtub resurfacing is the heart of the business. We save the homeowners hundreds of dollars over tub replacement or liners with a better surface warranty than a new bathtub. Although the new surface can be any color, the most common color is a China White or Biscuit. Custom colors can be ordered for a small additional charge.

The material, acrylic polyeurathane, is manufactured in Chicago and is not available in Georgia. This is the only material we use for reglazing because it has the greatest strength, longest durability, and highest gloss.

The secret to a quality bathtub refinishing is cleaning the tub. After removing the old caulk we use a razorblade to scrape off soap scum. Acid wash is applied, washed off with a hard scrub pad, cleanser applied to remove any residual acid or dirt and again a hard scrub pad utilized for cleaning and rinsing. It is at this point that I do not want the client in the bathroom The tub is now so clean the client thinks the project is completed! But once the water dries it is apparent how dull is the finish. Chips and cracks are now repaired.